Maintaining your Memory Foam Mattress in Tip-Top Shape

Although way different than an airbed, a memory foam mattress is just like an ordinary bed that requires maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Regardless of the brand binary trading you’re using, this type of bed requires support.

Supporting memory foam

Memory Foam MattressIt must have the right support that’s firm and with solid foundation, so avoid using a box spring that’s too thin. It must be able to support the mattress’ weight, as well as the sleepers.

Cleaning it regularly

This will reduce allergens and make your sleeping environment more comfortable. Remember that you spend hours of your day sleeping on this bed. Within those hours, your bed shed skin cells. Dust mites can feed on your skin cells and from there, they can multiply and accumulate. To prevent this from happening, you must consider using a memory foam mattress cover that’s dust and water-resistant. Then, every week, wash the bedding and its cover.


This type of bed doesn’t require flipping, however, occasional rotation can prolong the life of your memory foam mattress. By turning it every 6 months, reduces the impressions and it also helps in wearing more evenly.

If there are stains on the bed, you must remove the bed’s cover as soon as possible. For spills, you must use paper towel to soak up as much liquid as possible.

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Dyson – For A Comfortable Life

DysonEven with the advent of ACs and air coolers, fans still rule the roost when it comes to your cooling needs. Most houses in the world sport at least one fan. Although fans seem to be pretty basic pieces of technology, with time fans have also evolved and some fans like the Dyson ones can actually shock you at the first look.

The Dyson fans will take you by surprise as they do not have any blades. You will be looking at a large ring on top of a pedestal. That is, however, how Dyson fans work. The base of the pedestal draws air in from the surroundings and then it is multiplied and sent out via the ring on top. Dyson fans can multiply the air up to 18 times so you can easily understand the amount of comfort you will be getting.

The best part of using Dyson fans is that there is minimal dirt accumulation since there are no blades. You can clean it very easily too. On top of all that, the latest AM03 model from Dyson can emit both hot and cold air making it perfect for every season.

Thus if you are looking to buy a new fan, instead of choosing the traditional ones why not go for a Dyson fan this time around. It will surely be worth the amount you shell out.

How To Decide On An Air Bed For Your Home

If you are reading this article that means you have decided to buy an air mattress. If this is your first time buying one, it would pay to know some basic facts about these mattresses. The information will not only help you make a better choice , but also will save you from paying a large amount of money for something that does not fit your needs.
There are 3 critical factors when it comes to buying air mattresses, size of the mattress, the style of pump used and the profile of the bed (and we already showed a perfect way for cleaning). Each of them has different pros and cons. Keep reading to find about them in detail.

Built In Pump Or External Pump:

Some air mattresses come with built in pump and some with external. Built in pumps are actually faster to use and some models can be inflated or deflated in under a minute. But these beds tend to cost more hence if you have a cash constraint, going for an external pump air bed is not a bad idea, especially if you are going to primarily use it in your home. Built in pumps are also known for keeping the air inside for much longer than their external counterparts. Both types. will need a electric powered air pump system so keep a note of that as well.

Size Of The Bed:

This depends mainly on personal preference or needs. Modern air beds are available in a variety of sizes such as queen, king, twin, California king or single. Do keep in mind that larger beds will require more time for inflation or deflation. If you are planning to use your air bed outdoors, it pays to buy a slightly smaller version.

Raised Or Low Profile:

This factor is important to consider before going for an air bed. The raised air beds will give you the traditional bed feeling but if you plan to sleep toddlers on it, they might get hurt by rolling off the side of the bed. Low profile beds eliminate this problem but are a pain for the elderly or people with back or knee problems. Hence before buying the bed, carefully consider all aspects and then take out your wallet.

Air beds like Aerobed are beautiful pieces of bedding that provide you with a lot of comfort and ease. Most of them are washable and some even come with extra covering. Keeping the above points in mind, buy the ones that suits your needs and you will be thankful for your choice in the years to come.

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The Different Types and Brands of Smoke Alarms

It should always be safe to have a smoke alarm in any building whether industrial or residential. Particularly in buildings that are quite old but still in mass use. In some countries and cities the installation of some alarm is mandated by law. In the paragraphs that follow, we will be precisely discussing the type of smoke alarms available in market and some best brands that could be picked.

Types Of Smoke Alarms:Smoke Alarms

The market has been predominantly following the two technologies of Smoke detection. They are the ionization type and photoelectric smoke detectors. We will briefly discuss their working mechanisms and benefits in this section.

  • Ionization Type Smoke Detectors – This particular type comprises of two plates, one positively and one negatively charged. Smoke produces a combination of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Electrons. The positively charged Oxygen and Nitrogen ions get attracted to the Negative plate and negatively charged electrons do the same to the Positive plate and eventually neutralize them. This causes a reduction in the current within the plates and sets the alarm off detecting smoke. This technology is good in detecting fire when there are flames.
  • Photoelectric Type Smoke Detectors – This type uses a less complicated technology. It uses a Light Emitting Diode(LED). The light beam projected from the diode is scattered by the smoke when in contact thus setting off the alarm. This is best in catching smoldering fire even before there is a proper flame burst.

Best Smoke Detectors In The Market:

Now we will discuss about the best brands available in the market for smoke detection.

  • BRK Brands 7010B Hardwire: This is a photoelectric one but is more appropriate for bigger and commercial places like offices and hotels. Once the alarm goes off, the direction of the smoke can also confirmed. It is operated on a 9V battery and has a 360 degree Optipath technology to assess the air quality around the area of installation.
  • Kidde 19040 Fire Sentry: It uses ionization and is quite cheap. It can be used in both home and offices and in more than one places without causing much pain to your pocket. Its humble 4 inches body is not at all hazardous to the décor and is really easy to install. It is best to be installed in places where fire hazard is a possibility such as the kitchen.
  • Kidde Combination CO And Smoke Alarm: This is undoubtedly the best model. It can detect both Smoke and Carbon Monoxide and its voice alert technology will shout “Fire, Fire” when it’s smoke and “Warning – Carbon monoxide” when it’s CO. The best part is that you can use the hush feature to stop the alarm if you are sure the source of fire is not harmful, for example a gas stove fire.

So there you got the discussion on some of the best smoke detector brands in the market. Pick one that fits your needs and stay safe from fire hazards.

A Brief Buying Guide For Garbage Disposals

In each and every house, it is kind of mandatory to have a garbage disposal unit for hygiene’s sake. Just think of the amount of mess and stink it will result in if the waste and garbage produced due to the daily chores in your kitchen is not properly disposed. This is why garbage disposals are undoubtedly one of the most important household essentials.

Type of WasteHousehold Garbage Disposer

Though it sounds naïve, the type of waste should be considered as the most important parameter before choosing your garbage disposer. Different households have different types of waste, and garbage disposers also have their patent way of treating different types of waste (more information on that at Down the Sink).

The production of wastage depends on the number of people residing in that household. A small family will definitely produce much less organic wastes than a larger family. You may have inorganic wastes too. So be really cautious in what you are throwing down your sink. The manufacturers will tell you beforehand the type and amount of waste a disposer can handle. But if a manufacturer claims that a disposer can grind meat bones in to powder before disposing the waste, I will suggest please go for a demo.

What Kind Of Wine Cooler Is The Best For You

Well many people have this question in their minds and today we will try to answer this question. All the shiny features and technical gimmicks aside, the choice of wine coolers boils down three types of models.Dual-Zone Wine Cellar

  • Single Zone: Required for storing only one type of wine. These usually come with a capacity of 8 to 11 bottles. These are good if you prefer only one kind of wine and drink occasionally.
  • Dual Zone: This is the choice of true wine lovers. These come with a larger capacity of 16 to 30 bottles. Two temperature zones to store two types of wines hence they are named dual zone coolers.
  • Built-in Coolers: These coolers are for those who have a space crunch in their homes or apartments. These coolers are installed inside the kitchen cabinet and manage to look classy while saving a lot of space.

These basic pointers will help you start your search in the right direction. Make sure to read some reviews (the site Cooling Wine is pretty good), buy one and enjoy perfectly chilled wine whenever you want.

4 Features Steam Mop Reviews Won’t Tell You About

Steamfast SF-275 Canister Steam CleanerSteam mops will not only clean your floors but they can also disinfect them quickly. In fact, they are more effective than your regular bucket and mop cleaning tools.

When you purchase the right unit, you can kill germs and molds without the use of harsh chemicals. But since steam mops are not the same, there are features that you should consider before you purchase a unit.

Here are some factors that you must know before buying steam mops:

Water tank

The larger the tank, the better. The reason for this is that it can hold more water so you don’t have to refill often. This means that you can use it continuously for about an hour without needing a refill.

Fill design

As you can see at Steam Insider, the reservoir of the best steam mops on the market has an easy-fill design. Don’t go with a unit that has a funnel and cup as it consumes time to fill.

Go with a unit that comes with a removable water tank. In that way, you can easily fill it with water straight from the faucet.

Steam control

With adjustable steam settings, you can clean different types of stains. Remember that not all stains are equal.

You must also look for a model that allows you to customize steam output based on the type of floor you are cleaning and the amount of dirt being removed.


Make sure that the steam mops you wish to purchase have a swivel head. They must be lightweight so you can maneuver them without difficulty while cleaning your floor.

Are Bronze Kitchen Faucets Really the Best?

Kraus Commercial Style Pre-Rinse KitchenBronze kitchen faucets are getting popular these days. Modern homes have transformed their old kitchen and embraced the latest interior designs. With the help of bronze faucets, their modern homes become more elegant and attractive.

If you shop for this type of faucet, you will find a variety of them on the market. You can opt for single-handle unit, bar units, and a lot more.

Here are some reasons you must try getting and installing bronze kitchen faucets when you are renovating your home.


Just like stainless kitchen faucets, bronze faucets are also attractive. They can transform your kitchen into an ancient ambience with a touch of modern design and their design and beauty can surely cheer up your boring kitchen atmosphere.

As you can see at the Faucet Assistant website, they can offer your kitchen with a high-end look. This is one of the reasons you will find it difficult to shop for these faucets as you may end up buying all of them at once.

If you do find yourself in that situation, make sure that you go for units that appeal to you most. Or choose the ones that will go well with your kitchen’s décor.


They do last longer than regular kitchen faucets. However, make sure that they are made of real bronze and not just coated ones. Some manufacturers do offer their clients bronze kitchen faucets when they are only covered with a shade of bronze. This type of faucet will never last long.

Instead, opt for units made of brass. This is because they have the natural durability of such material.

Unfortunately, bronze kitchen faucets are pricey. However, if you are after with their quality, durability and design, then you can never go wrong with this type of faucet.